Deep Retrieval

YouTube SmartReply

A Multilingual Character-Based SmartReply for YouTube Creators.

Graph Structure Understanding

New algorithms to learn node and graph similarity on scale.

Gmail SmartReply

Designing the next generation of SmartReply for Gmail.

Efficient Natural Language Response Suggestion for Smart Reply

This paper presents a computationally efficient machine-learned method for natural language response suggestion. Feed-forward neural networks using n-gram embedding features encode messages into vectors which are optimized to give message-response …

Conversation Modeling as a Search Problem

How to utilize response ranking for conversation modeling.

Conversational Contextual Cues: The Case of Personalization and History for Response Ranking

We investigate the task of modeling open-domain, multi-turn, unstructured, multi-participant, conversational dialogue. We specifically study the effect of incorporating different elements of the conversation. Unlike previous efforts, which focused on …